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Insightful summary of how rumors propagate and go viral by Emma Spiro and @katestarbird that points to how to control harmful virality, and how the term rumor is a much more useful framing than misinformation, disinformation, or fake news because it is agnostic as to veracity and intent, thus avoiding mischaracterization and triggering of reactive rejection.
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"I just don't have the energy I used to. Why can't I do as much as I did in the past?"

My dude, friend, old buddy, pal...
We are -literally- living in some of the most difficult times we have seen in "recent" history.

We face regular existential crisis among countless other issues with meeting the most basic of needs.

Honestly that you are still here is a tribute to how resilient you are. Don't gaslight yourself, it's a mess out there. But there is room still for hope too.

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Thank you, i really needed this 🫶🏻

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I don't think #twitter really cares if they lose advertisers or if they have to pull out of EU. They don't care about being a global platform, and money is just a possible side benefit.

What they do want is to control the political discourse in their home country.

The same is likely happening with #Reddit ; expect similar changes to other platforms. Same about stopping non-US platforms ( #tiktok ).

The long-term goal is to deplatform anyone not on the political far right. And it's working.

As long as centerrorists and collaborators remain on the Rat feces site, its worth 44 billion and more

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Homeless people are people. Just give them homes. It's been proven to save public money. Just give them homes. It's been proven to reduce drug dependency and mental crises. Just give them homes. It literally ends homelessness. Just give them homes. NOT KILL THEM.

#politics #BlackMastodon #BlackFedi #homelessness #unhoused

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the way poor people and disabled people are treated is all part of the casual genocide that has been ongoing for centuries. Yes. It is genocide
Affordable and reliable housing is the first step to eliminate social problems. The vast majority of the homeless just want a place to be safe, to raise their families. Villifying them as criminals costs so much more than money.

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For #Pride Month, I'd like to mention #Babylon5. The show ran from 1993 to 1998, and made a point of *not* making a point of gay relationships. Susan Ivanova (serving military officer) had a lesbian affair with Talia Winters, and no other character even blinked.

Later on two straight men on a secret mission found themselves using "newlyweds" as a cover story, because two men on their honeymoon would fit right in.

The message was clear: in the future being gay is 100% unremarkable. In the 90s!

Marcus Cole and Dr Stephen Franklin are on a secret mission. Their cover story is "newlyweds on honeymoon". Marcus pulls Stephen's leg, saying "Well, shall we go, darling?"
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We had a democratic president in the 90’s. Clinton was elected in ‘92 & served 2 terms. He wasn’t my first choice among Dems but it was Clinton or Bush. I don’t vote GOP & I didn’t like Bush. There were reasons. We can send the haters back to their basements, churches, whatever and have a truly free society if we have the will and unite for a better society for US all. The Fascists will hate it but they have nothing to offer US but pain and cruelty. No.

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I don't get why some cis ppl who are convinced they're allies get so so curious about pre transition photos? Like where they're obsessed with putting together this image of you from "before" but then they think they're being supportive

#trans #lgbtqia

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@pepbrowse There is no need for better refusals. It's private info, period.

Do people go around asking complete strangers their credit card info? Or what genitalia have in their pants? Or if they had sex last night? No, they don't, because it's private info and it is disrespectful to ask.

As @sheepchase said, we do share that kind of info sometimes, but it is and always will be our prerogative.

@adradia @pepbrowse Totally this.

We don’t need to think about motivations, we can think only about social action. There are things that are appropriate and inappropriate to do in interactions with other human beings, and in 2023 this is inappropriate.

@kscearce, you've just made me move my library card to a more visible slot in my wallet.

@kscearce, disclaimer: it doesn't make that much of a difference because I rarely open the card compartment.

In fact, I probably open it most often to take the library card out… so I suppose it will make a small difference 😉.

this was before Steve martin found his name listed in the phone book in the movie "The Jerk"

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I miss the internet pre-Facebook. Just stumbled upon an old blog of a random person, and it's really fun to read short stories and musings that are so random.
no login and no account needed.
allow me to recommend marginalia search


Did you ever use that lovely tool Stumbleupon? Aghhh I miss that.

I thought used Thinkpads had shot up in price recently and you can't get one for under £200 now?
I'm seeing plenty under 100 on ebay although whether they're fully working or not is a different matter. Also Ebay's probably not the best place to buy them (I'd try police auctions and office clearances first)
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"Fans of the Sopranos will remember the 'bust out' as a mob tactic in which a business is taken over, loaded up with debt, and driven into the ground, wrecking the lives of the business's workers, customers and suppliers. When the mafia does this, we call it a bust out; when Wall Street does it, we call it 'private equity.'"
The long, bloody lineage of private equity's looting -- Cory Doctorow
It's not that many steps to even deduce it for oneself is it? The companies are for profit and they need to grow or die... what else could possibly happen? Why are people hoping for things that can't happen?
@apodoxus This is a country where management thinks they can safely assume pulling workers into captive anti-union meetings will reduce votes for the union rather than induce workers to unanimously vote it in, so (shrug)