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I hope people will post a lot about how the union has asked people not to read anything from the Washington Post tomorrow, bc it's enough part of my normal day that I'll need the reminder to be regularly refreshed.

I recommend uninstalling the app before bedtime tonight. You can reinstall it after the strike.

That's a metric Bezos will see.

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having to use facebook for family stuff and real life events still makes me feel like im being forced to dig thru toxic waste
feels like implies you aren't

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Avoid the Washington Post on December 7, 2023.

“A letter to our dedicated readers:

On Dec. 7, we ask you to respect our walkout by not crossing the picket line: For 24 hours, please do not engage with any Post content. That includes our print + online news stories, podcasts, videos, games and recipes.”

#PostGuildStrike #PostGuildStrong #UnionStrong

Unfair labor practice strike protests the Post's disregard of the law in bargaining, failure to reach strong contract for everyone
WASHINGTON, D.C., Dec. 5, 2023 - After 18 months of bargaining with Washington Post, Guild workers - including reporters, editors, cartoonists, visual journalists, advertising sales people and circulation drivers - are walking out. 

[some text removed to fit alt text] 

Post workers are walking out for 24 hours, because we know there is no Washington Post without us. More than 700 Post employees have pledged to walk off the job at midnight on Dec.
7. The Unfair Labor Practice (ULP) strike will include workers in Washington D.C., San Francisco, New York, other cities across the country and around the globe and will include a public campaign to inform readers about what is at stake at The Washington Post.

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who could ever imagine that a newspaper owned by Jeff Bezos would have staff who are unhappy they aren't being paid fairly

@adamantichrist Ugh. I did not know he owned it.

I wonder how many catch and kill articles he's responsible for?

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are dyson vacuums from dyson spheres

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What would happen if I took the text for, say, Jane Austen, and did a find/replace to turn all masculine pronouns to feminine ones, plus other bits like “man” and “husband” and so on? It’s absolutely heretical but can I make Austen sapphic?
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Well, I didn't know I needed that, but I certainly did.
What would happen if I took the text for, say, Jane Austen’s Emma and did a find/replace to turn all feminine pronouns to feminine ones, plus other bits like “woman” and “wife” and so on? It’s absolutely heretical but can I make Austen sapphic?

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Your Daily Reminder
#Liz #Cheney is not a good person

Yes, she maybe right on #Trump but she has been wrong about everything her entire life

look it up

#USPol #Iraq

PS: bet you she is anti trump only cause trump dissed her dad, noted war monger and chicken hawk Dick Cheney

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I find it odd that the Feds are concerned the Jetblue/Spirit deal would reduce competition but are absolutely fine with Musk owning 80% of GLOBAL satellite launches and controlling the only satellite communication service available to countries highly depending on it to survive.



Frank Kendall is obviously not on the board concerned about 2 sh!t airlines merging

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If the apocalypse were to happen tonight, and I had 20 seconds to call someone to warn them, without access to my contact list to find their number, I could really only warn Empire Carpets. That jingle is burned in my brain and is the only phone number I know by heart aside from 911.

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btw if you wanna be put here, there's only 4 steps!

1. be my fren
2. make an 88x31 button
3. have a website
4. send me the button and a link to your site

the top part of my website with all of my friends' buttons

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i tried to make a button once, but it wasnt very good

Sorry if duplicate post, other seemed not to propagate for some reason

88x31 button featuring amateur radio call sign N8CHZ

Is it possible to obtain a copy of the list? I would like to know which countries are more deserving of my touristic interest.
A CW saying "transphobia, ukpol" or something across those lines would be really nice.

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The Most Unlikely Trans Allies...🚛

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It feels surreal sometimes watching two cis people debating trans rights on YouTube

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Sometimes I've sat next to that in real life.

You know that feeling when you see a kid try to do something in a way which catastrophically does not work?

Like, good intentions, but the poor thing will only achieve confusion?

It's like that, but they're grown-ups.

Are we talking about the two cis guys I think we are?

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what was it like to be a girl, “socialised male”? well, i was briefly in a so called “gifted and talented” program before the sensitive geniuses there decided it was really cool to punch me and spit on me on the regs. so i got pulled
out into homeschool; and every time i got lonely and tried to go back into school i just got debilitating panic attacks and had to give up. I was mostly isolated from everyone my own age for 10 years during a critical stage in development; which i have come to call being “feral”- no socialisation. and since whenever i am weird it’s impossible to know whether it’s that I am feral, trans, undiagnosed autism or undiagnosed ADHD i can’t exactly pick apart what “male socialisation” means for me

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for a time, after I left school, i decided to grow my hair long. What I told everyone at the time was i wanted to be like my metal head big brother. but remembering back i can’t really be sure whether that was just an excuse I was using. once my hair was long, on the rare occasions i left the house, people solidly assumed I was a girl. from this point forward my brain seems to contain two sets of parallel memories about how I felt: my initial reaction and the performative lies i gave to help me feel safe.

So when people at family reunions were all “who’s that girl”, i deflected. I felt like i was getting away with something. when boys assumed it, i acted angry at them for making such a mistake.

so my early teenage years sort of was a series of events where i acted like a young teenage girl and my family coerced me away from that bit my bit. They made me put towels around my waiste instead of around my chest. they made me cut my hair. They acted performatively excited about my voice changing, facial hair, etc… and I had a kind of … trust that they must know what they’re talking about when i told them about the deep depression and disassociation I felt and they told me it was just a wobble from puberty hormones and it’d stable out. I suppressed my knowledge about myself
I got obsessed with reading about trans people, surgeries, hormones- the information about how to obtain these things just seemed really inaccessible. I’d never convince my parents to help. when I was 15 I tried to castrate myself. sometimes I wish I had succeeded.
is this what “socialised male” is about? just a steady stream of coercive games, gaslighting and self hatred? normal teenage boy stuff?
honestly i wish i could tell you more detail about what happened after 15 but i literally do not remember. just a blank spot.
i remember a lot of really hating to go swimming and being forced to anyway, and getting really bullied about it. I mean, i don’t really want to have to explain why. You understand right?

like basically, “don’t wanna be a guy but looks like I am stuck with this so I may as well try to learn to like it” - spirit broken. very contrast to early transitioners narratives where it’s so unbearable they make a big noise, run away, self harm, etc unless affirming parents (which i did not have)


hearing those stories made me feel like I didn’t fight hard enough

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no, that’s not the case; everyone’s urgency to transition is not the same, nor is anyone’s circumstances. You fought as hard as you could.
i know, it’s just what I felt like, cos it’s a thread about what that all feels like
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my situation was quite different from yours but “don’t wanna be a guy but looks like I am stuck with this so I may as well try to learn to like it” is a very relatable feeling to me tbh o.o
until the past few years anyway it just seemed like a hellscape of misinformation and gatekeeping to realize that this is in fact a viable path

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Via tumblr:

(Original post on instagram: )

There were no image descriptions on the tumblr post I took the time to add them.

Mattxiv posts a series of images with text and artwork. 

"How are so many young people LGBTQ all of the sudden? Where are all of the older queer people?"

A white box fan in a clear plastic box with holes. Tassels on the fan indicate motion.

"shortly after the death of his lover stephen earabino from AIDS, artist john boskovich learned that stephen’s family had completely cleared out his apartment in an attempt to eradicate . all that remained was an electric box fan, which john encased in plexiglass and titled 'feel it - motherfuckers' (1997). the wind from - the fan represents stephen’s breath, ~ allowing john to create eternal life for his dead lover." Text: "How are so many young people LGBTQ all of the sudden? Where are all of the older queer people?"

Photo: A chior. Those dressed in black face away, those in white face the audience. 

Text: "the san francisco gay men'’s chorus in 1993. the seven men in white were surviving choir members, while the 115 men in black represent members who had died of AIDS.
in 1993 — about twelve years into the AIDS epidemic — the san francisco gay men’s chorus took this portrait. the seven men in white were surviving members of the original choir, while the 115 men in black represent members who had perished."
Text: "How are so many young people LGBTQ all of the sudden? Where are all of the older queer people?"

Photo:  A pile of colorful individually wrapped candies in the corner of a room.

Text: untitled (portrait of ross in L.A.) (1991) by felix gonzales-torres begins as a 175 pound pile of candy, representing the healthy weight of the artist's boyfriend, ross laycock.   viewers are invited to each take a piece of candy; the diminishing pile represents the wasting away of a : body with AIDS and the public’s : participation in his sickness. laycock died from AIDS in 1991, and gonzales-torres in 1996. they were 32 and 38, respectively. Text: "How are so many young people LGBTQ all of the sudden? Where are all of the older queer people?"

Photo: A painting, A blue black and white pattern of bold lines and human forms fills the upper left corner of the canvass, the rest is unfinished. A few drips of paint have run down from the colored portion.

Text: "most people know keith haring for his colorful dancing figures. his final piece, “unfinished painting” (1989), was intentionally left incomplete to represent a life cut short by AIDS. haring died one year later at age 31. "
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also the good old rural area wisdom: 'we have no gay people here'.

then they go beat up someone who failed their gender proving pissing match and oh look at that: no one in their right mind won't come out there. they'll just move the hell away and live in a city instead.

like me.

Hard to "like" but thank you for adding the alt text.

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Yesterday I actually saw a blog post some dude had written where he as advocating for people to PAY to be INTERNS at good companies, because it's 'as valuable as college and maybe even moreso' - and I'm now ready to lead the revolution.

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@TerryHancock I don't think it's fine, especially not if you're independently wealthy. Why should poor kids have to worry about paying exorbitant college tuition *AND* pay some multinational corporation for the privilege of doing their shittiest jobs?

Holy exploitation, Batman!

The guy who posted that remark was clearly coming from a VERY privileged position (If it's the same one I remember, he was talking about assisting Steve Jobs, IIRC).

Which says to me that this was not a starving student with rent to pay! So if you're in his position, I guess that's fine, but it does not work for the rest of us.

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I haven't seen anybody mention TERFery from the Guardian in some time.
Is it because they stopped, or did people stop reporting them?

(Asking because I've read several interesting articles from them in the past year and I kinda feel like I should pay something, but I won't if they're still mates with JKR and the rest)

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If you are looking for a news source that is only good stories about good people .

then either you will only read echo chamber bubbles like rawstory or counterpunch, or you won't read any news at all

@failedLyndonLaRouchite Oh no, I'm most certainly not gonna read the Guardian for news for several reasons.
Still, they do run occasional good articles that I would like to support, but not if that leads to more TERFy articles.

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the guy who made all the Simple apps (Simple Calendar, Simple Gallery, etc.) apparently just sold out to a company. this sucks

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i will now complain about how backwards google photos backup is now that they made photos and videos count towards your account's storage limit

there's also no way to just remove media from the cloud without also removing it from devices with backup turned on so uh... get welded

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i really should just get an apple silicon mac mini or something and run a nextcloud instance

(i'd put data on external storage, i'm not a moron)

why would you run nextcloud on apple hardware specificalky?

@timthelion not specifically apple hardware, choosing apple silicon macs because i want an affordable and performant ARM computer to use as a server

who knows, maybe nextcloud on apple silicon could take advantage of the neural engine to provide OCR or something

Yeah I went haywire on my google photos and account, deleting everything. Turns out creating an "album" on your phone means they can just take your photos. Also even without backup on they display a "gb of photos" amount for the unbacked-up photos.

I need to use my phone to take medically-sensitive/necessary photos of a family member. I do not want to just hand that off to google/anyone who hacks my account.

@thedxman i don't really mind it because my entire album is just memes

it's just annoying that they keep pestering me to buy google one after backing up all this shit i really didn't need backed up

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The 4 horsemen of the Trumpocalypse:

1.). The President can not be prosecuted for any crime while in office.
2.) A President can pardon himself. Giving up power temporarily to be pardoned by the Vice President counts.
3.) The Kissinger Rule - no official of the US government will ever be turned over to international courts for prosecution.
4.) Non US citizens have zero US rights, inside or outside of the US, and their torture can be legally authorized.

!! CHANGE THESE NOW, while you can !!

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Ok that's a lovely sentiment, but "while you can" implies "you can" and there is currently no "you" that "can", by any definition. Can't change the constitution, can't do those things by executive order, can't legislate that under current senate rules, can't change senate rules under current senate and can't pass any of it in the house even if you did.
@thedxman you can work towards changing the US Constitution, that is the whole point of amendments, and we can start now, and we certainly need to clarify some things. Many things that we assumed are true were not explicitly stated, and are being tested. It is appealing, but does not have to be.

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Every day the news reminds us the rich and powerful cannot be trusted.

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that's why we have checks and balances in democratic republics

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Leaders of the Republican Party of Texas have voted *against* barring the party from associating with known Nazi sympathizers and Holocaust deniers.

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one of the magical things about neurodivergent socialization is the sheer amount of knowledge that gets exchanged. some post beautiful code and complex software concepts. users will help each other to create new spaces on shoestring budgets, or troubleshoot obscure issues. new art will be created and taught about to friends. it's a truly superconnected space of knowledge

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High time to univite the fossil fuel industries to future #COP29. Their goals will always be to stay in business with their old profitable schemes. They refuse to change.

It was and is still an outrage to put a powerful manager of the fossil industry at the helm of #COP28

#fossilfuel tried to hijack the conferences and succeeded.
Now it's time for us to act accordingly: Throw them out, together with it's fossil president.

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Biden didn't attend, smart move, but has had no end of criticism from environmentalists over his absence. Smart move on his part, he saw what it truly was, fossil fuels trying to change the narrative of their responsibility.

@MaryAliciaZiff I guess many other still did have some hope to get #fossilfuel on their side.

#COP28 is proof that it doesn't work - cannot work: their interests are directly opponent to the interests of people who care about life on this planet.

Their only drive is profit & greed & keeping it up - they do not even see how inevitable change is. #ClimateCatastrophies will have to trigger change in that industry.

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I was mentioning this to my offline friend...
Of all the residential clients (meaning their home, not their business), Puzzle Piece homes - meaning places with Autism Speaks shit on display - are always the most over lit, overstimulating, sensory hell homes I encounter.

I dunno, maybe your autistic kid is "so difficult" because they're constantly overstimulated and overwhelmed. 🤷‍♀️

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Me: How the fuck do you block someone on YouTube

*looks it up

So I guess YouTube just removed the block capability about six months ago…?

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This whole situation is deplorable. And to be able to block people is an important thing, think stalkers and so on. Bad. You should be able to block anyone and anything you bloody well like.

the only sane way to use youtube these days, I wish people would move to other sites but at least with this you can watch the people who haven't moved yet without driving yourself insane.

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my partner shared this with me with some excitement because he grew up in Pittsburg which has a pretty whack bus system, and he didn't have reliable transpo to and from BART for all the years he needed to commute into SF for work and school

but looking at the cost and what the service is supposed to accomplish, this just makes me think they could probably significantly expand the bus system and provide people with local, union jobs to get the same level of service for a much lower price tag